About The Kitchenstead

In 2020 – in the midst of a pandemic, which shuttered many restaurants and brought about a need for more creativity and a willingness to adapt to quickly changing circumstances in the hospitality industry – The Kitchenstead came into being. The goal was to offer people delicious food, carefully prepared in our kitchen, in the comfort of their homes or in the convenience of their place of work or study.

The Kitchenstead is a family-owned company engaged in meal preparation and catering, committed to offering well-prepared, good quality, flavourful food to families and individuals, companies and schools. Our catering service and products are based on the concept of home-cooking at its best – prepared with care, tasty and mindful of the nutrients necessary for a complete and healthy diet.

Currently, we offer hot lunch service and products to private schools, organisations, families and individuals in the North York area. Our food tastes like good home-cooking without the hassle. Each meal is composed of a main dish, usually served with a side, and a small homemade dessert. Variety in menu offerings is taken into consideration as well as the nutritional value of the components of the meal. Different cuisines are featured and a fusion of these provides a creative combination of flavours and nutrients.

The Kitchenstead combines professional culinary work and a personal passion for simply good food always cooked as if we were cooking for our own families. Our food is prepared with great care and love – and our customers see, taste and know this.

About Barbara Padolina

Married with twelve children, Barbara’s culinary experience is both professional and vocational. As a professional cook and caterer, she has been engaged in food preparation and service for over 5 years. This is a collation of periods of time interspersed with what she recognises to be her most important “work” – caring for her family at home for the better part of 28 years. Cooking for a crowd has never been a problem because it is something Barbara has been doing for her own family.

Her Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Management from Ateneo de Manila University has not gone to waste as Barbara strives to put to practice both the principles of effective business management and excellence in service. As The Home Cook, Barbara is mindful of those for whom she feels privileged to be able to prepare food. Each dish, dessert and meal is an expression of care and an opportunity to be nourished in more ways than one.

Barbara’s passion for the culinary arts also finds expression in her other personal endeavour: teaching others to cook! For more information about The Home Cook, visit thehomecook.ca.